Sierra Leone News: Freemasonry boosts Children Surgical Ward

The Freemasonry Sierra Leone also known as ‘Freemasonry Cares’ have extended their benevolence to the Children’s Surgical Ward of the Connaught Hospital.
Recently, the organization distributed assorted biscuits, candies and toys among the thirty-two patients in the ward as a show of love and concern for their condition. Three television sets and video players were also presented to the ward to keep the children hale and hearty as they convalesce.
At the presentation ceremony, the Chairman, George Coleridge-Taylor sympathized with the children’s conditions and admonished them to avoid playing dangerous games that will end up hurting them. He noted that the television and video is for them to be entertained with films that will educate them and rekindle their spirits against ill health and pain.
He encouraged them to pray, obey their parents and teachers and be good children so that they can become good and progressive citizens. He thanked the doctors and nurses for what he was their “good work and show of care to the children” and urged them to continue.
Fitting remarks were made by both parents and nurses in thanking the donors.
In another development, the Freemasonry awarded education grants to dozens of primary and secondary school pupils and students of tertiary institutions as part of their annual demonstration of philanthropy across the country.